Business Ethics and Consequentialism

Case study from the Markkala Center for Applied Ethics and I need assistance formatting a 5-7 page essay. The links are provided below for the research Here is what really happened: 1) Apply Steps A through D of the Utility Test to the above case. Be sure that you carefully document each step in the process. 2) Choose one of the following five tests: Rights Test, Exceptions Test, Choices Test, Justice Test, or the Common Good Test. Click here: . Now, apply the test you’ve chosen to the above case. In your paper, be sure that you have fully written to each step in the test you have selected. 3) Compare and contrast the results you have obtained from the Utility Test (#1 above) and your choice of the five tests (#2 above). 4) Which approach – the Utility Test (#1 above) or the test you chose (#2 above) is most informative in terms of your evaluation of the Case? Why?