Business Finance – Management

Materials. Use the following materials exclusively:

Eisenmann, Thomas R. and Laura Winig. Rent the Runway Harvard Business School. Case 9- 812-077.

Barringer,13ruce R. and R. Duane Ireland. Entrepreneurship. Successfully Launching New Businesses. Fifth Edition. Pearson. 2016.


Four pages max, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font. Name and page number on each page.

Due 1 October 2017. 2:00 PM

Question 1. Prepare a one-page Business Model Template for Rent the Runway. 15 points.

Question 2. What do you think of the co-founder team? Consider their experience temperaments, preferences, visionary skills, implementation skills, and their risk tolerance. If they had received a negative reaction from Diane von Furstenberg, what would they have likely done? 10 points

Question 3. Were the designer interviews useful? What worked? What didn’t? What was the best advice they received? 10 points.

Question 4: How did their survey of the competition effect their decision to proceed? 10 points.

Question 5: Were the market trials sufficient for their planning to go forward? How could they have made them more useful? 10 points.

Question 6: In summary, what worked in Rent the Runway’s initial phases? What didn’t work? 20 points.