Business Plan

Final Project: Business Plan Develop a business plan for a future business operation in any area that might be related to sports: Sports team, athletic facility (gym, stadium, arena, etc.), services (medical, recreational, etc), or other. In your plan, consider the following elements: • Marketing plan – o What is the size of market you will go after? How would you assess that? o what ways and means would you engage to explore and win the necessary market segments for your success. • Financial plan – where would the initial capital come from. Predict the cash flow in the first months of the operation. When your break-even point is expected to appear. How would you finance the business growth? How would you finance operational costs? • What legal challenges would have to be addressed? How would you make sure that your business is in accordance with the law? • Business operation o Develop an organizational structure o Discuss positions that would have to be filled. How many employees in those positions, planned compensation, required qualifications. o Facility. Rented, owned, constructed, or adapted. Location, its equipment. Cost of acquiring and cost of maintenance.