buying strategy

Using the information you have learned from your lectures and reading assignment in this unit, write a 300 word essay to discuss the buying strategy you would to employ for the following scenario.

The Denton Diner is a 75 seat, 25 year old staple in a small town of 3000 people. The diner was recently purchased by Chef Conrad, who was moved to Denton because he was tired of the fast paced city life. The chef recently created a new menu and realized it is time for him to consider purchasing strategies.

The previous owners prided themselves on being “local” so they bought eggs directly from th farmer, while milk and other dairy products came from the Denton Dairy with daily deliveries. They also shopped at farmers markets, as well as the local wholesale club.

Chef Conrad is considering continuing an established relationship with Big Box, a one-stop-shop vendor from his previous position. Although Big Box is located 120 miles away, they have delivery routes capable of servicing the Denton Diner on Monday and Friday.


  • What buying strategy would you recommend for this chef? Why? Include the specific names such as one-stop shop, co-op purchasing, trade outs, etc. in your recommendation. Provide support your decision.
  • Should the chef be concerned about storage issues? Why or why not?
  • What other recommendations would you offer the chef?


  • Your essay and responses to the questions should be thorough, well-conceived college-level responses that are grammatically correct. Write your responses in complete sentences and in essay format.
  • Support your essay with facts from the textbook and your conclusions. Avoid copying text directly from the textbook.
  • Minimum word count is 300 words.