Can you show workings with explanation?

chapter: Statistical Reasoning – t-Tests, Two-Way Tables, and NOVA

Homework Assignment: Due Friday, 8/11/2017 by 8:00 pm

This table contains the results of a poll of congressional job approval in numbers of people.

Polling Organization Approve Disapprove
News Network 234 1186
Independent Company 185 802



  1. Perform a chi-square test of independence using StatCrunch. Paste the results window here.


  1. In full sentences, tell me what are the null and alternative hypotheses for this chi-square test of independence? In your statements, be specific to the variables in the poll.


  1. What is the value of the chi-square statistic and what is the p-value?


  1. Given the values in number 3 above, should you reject or not reject the null hypothesis?


  1.  Given your decision in number 4 above (based on the information in number 3 above), what is the conclusion of the hypothesis test of independence? Use full sentences and refer to the hypotheses in number 2 above in your explanation.
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