Capstone Papers-Communication and Management Plan

Capstone Papers-Communication and Management Plan

Submit your draft of Communication and Management Plan (Section VI). In this section, identify strategies and practices to ensure stakeholder involvement and support for the project. Discuss models, theories, and/or methods to support the change management process, and specify details that address the post-implementation communication process.

Steps for Development (Try to do at least one of these steps each day throughout the week to help you complete this milestone):

Progress Communication: Discuss the strategies and practices that will be used to communicate progress with management, the board of directors, and other stakeholders within the organization.

Change Management Plan: Discuss the strategies that will be used to guide relevant parties through the changes that the initiative will require. This will need to include strategies for dealing with impacted employees, patients, clients, and even departments and outside stakeholders, depending on the type of initiative within your organization.

Post-Implementation Communication: How will results and ongoing communications be provided? Who will be the audiences for these various communications, and how will you ensure that each audience receives the correct information in an appropriate manner and time?

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