Capstone Papers-Creating a Security Plan

Capstone Papers-Creating a Security Plan

Submit a security plan to secure the organization’s database. The security plan will be submitted to the CIO. The organization has many concerns about unauthorized access, since there have been reports that some confidential information has been accessed from the database.

Specifically, the CIO would like a plan that will ensure log files can be reviewed to determine who accessed the data, when it was accessed, and what was changed in the database.

To complete this task, you will need to examine the DBMS used by your organization and identify the current security measures provided.

You can view the SQL Server log files. Following are the types of log files you can access using the Log File viewer.

  • Audit Collection
  • Data Collection
  • Job History
  • Maintenance Plans
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Agent

After reviewing these files, list the potential threats that could occur and propose countermeasures to overcome them. Describe the use of potential uses of cloud computing services by your organization and list the potential threats, implications, and countermeasures.

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