Capstone Papers-Culture and Cooperation for Global Health

Capstone Papers-Culture and Cooperation for Global Health

Coordinated and collaborative efforts to reduce health  disparities require culturally appropriate strategies to create the  changes necessary to improve public health.

Select a strategy (consciousness raising, community development,  social action, health promotion, media advocacy, or policy change) from  the Promoting Health Equity (pp. 58–75) document to create, and  describe, the approach and theory of behavior change you recommend to  create a change in the at-risk population you identified.

In addition to  your answers to questions 1–5 from the Week 4 P.E.R.I. Application  Assignment, be sure to add a description of:

The hypothetical community you will work with, including cultural issues that might impact your chosen health condition

The theory related to health behavior you selected

The community (or international) public health  organizations you would involve in the planning, and implementation, of  this intervention

How you would apply your theory-based behavior  change strategy to improve the social determinants of the health issue  in this community

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