Capstone Papers-Healthcare Informatics and System Breaches

Capstone Papers-Healthcare Informatics and System Breaches

Healthcare Informatics and System Breaches

You are the Information Officer at a large hospital and it has been brought to your attention that there is a possibility a significant information technology failure or breach has occurred within your hospital

You will need to create a news brief or memo to your staff letting them know about the failure or breach and how it has affected other organizations.

Write a news brief or memo for your staff in which you:

1. Outline four (4) key factors contributing to the HIMS failure or breach.

2. Analyze three (3) ways that the HIMS failure impacted both the organization’s operations and patient information protection, privacy or personal safety.

3. Diagnose the leadership team’s reaction to the failure, and indicate whether or not you believe the leadership took sufficient measures to deal with various stakeholder groups impacted by the failure. Next, consider whether the organization had significant resources in place to prevent this occurrence and if not identify where most of the contributing failure occurred.

4. Suggest three (3) outcomes for the facility and express whether you agree with the overall verdict or violation.

5. Recommend at least three (3) best practices that your hospital can adopt to avoid such a HIMS failure or breach in the future. Provide support for the recommendation.

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