Capstone Papers-Histogram and Frequency Polygon

Capstone Papers-Histogram and Frequency Polygon

Statistics Assignment

How does a HIM professional use statistical data and descriptive statistics? This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s presentations and readings. Health Information Technology graduates need to understand descriptive statistics to understand how to apply the data. Graduates also need to know how to present and analyze data. 30 Descriptive Statistics Calculate the mean, median and mode of the newborn weights. The following numbers represent the weight in pounds of 10 newborn babies: 7, 5, 6, 8, 12, 7, 9, 7, 10, 7 What is the mean? What is the median? What is the mode? What percentile does the 3rd quartile correspond to? What percentile does the 5th decile correspond to? Your final exam score puts you in the 75th percentile in your class. This means that your score is greater than or equal to % of the scores in your class. Generating and Analyzing a Report Create a column bar graph using the table of data on the Excel spreadsheet.

The graph should display the Total Discharge Days (Y axis) by Age Range (X axis). You will need to use an Excel spreadsheet to complete this part: Download Excel spreadsheet. If you need help completing this part: Watch a tutorial on creating the bar graph Download and print the step-by-step instructions Copy and paste the screenshot of the chart into the space provided below. Analyze the bar graph. Interpret and summarize the information displayed on the bar graph. Include a statement describing how this data can be used by administration. Presentation of Data Provide an example of healthcare related data for each of the four types of Categorical Data: [For example, a patient’s name is nominal data.] Nominal: Ordinal: Ratio: Interval:

What is the difference between a Histogram and Frequency Polygon? Master Patient Index (AHIMA Virtual Lab) The Master Patient Index (MPI) contains demographic information for patients that are seen in a health care organization. The primary function of the MPI is to assist health care professionals with locating pertinent information about the patient. Log into the AHIMA Virtual Lab ARGO MPI and complete activities 1-4. Aalyze the MPI data and describe 3-5 ways to reduce the number of duplicates in a MPI.

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