Capstone Papers-Network Optimization

Capstone Papers-Network Optimization

Network Optimization

A company has offices in eight locations. Each location has twenty to twenty-five servers. There are sixty to seventy employees in each location. All these locations are connected to the headquarters through a frame relay packet switched network. The access speed of the Internet is 128 kbps. All the locations access the Internet through a central location. Over the past couple of months, a few more employees have joined the organization, and over a period of three months, the network has been slow. The users are finding it difficult to connect to the network. The network is inconsistent in its performance—at times it is fast and at times slow. There is no change in the network configuration.

  • Identify the possible causes of the problem. How you would subsequently optimize the network?
  • Create an action plan to isolate the causes for the problems.
  • Suggest the two most efficient methodologies for preventing this problem. Do you think the methodologies suggested by you are the most efficient? Why or why not?
  • Find the optimization level of the network resources such as:.
    • Switches
    • Routers

Perform a fine tuning of the above mentioned resources.

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