Capstone Papers-Nutrition and Dietics

Capstone Papers-Nutrition and Dietics

You will compare your food log with a new menu/diet that you will create based on what you have learned throughout the course. The Assignment will give you the opportunity to evaluate your intake for calories, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, fat, vitamins, and minerals related to your recommended intake and identify/verify changes to your diet to ensure you meet your nutrient requirements.


Use the iProfile diet analysis software to create PDFs of the intake compared to dietary reference intake report for the 5 days by selecting the beginning and end dates on the calendar in the Reports page of iProfile.


Analyze the report and record your answers to the following questions in documents name unit 8 Q’s & A’s.


Part 2


Make 1 full day of menus for yourself using foods that you like and include different foods at different meals.


Enter this day of menus into the iProfile diet analysis software.


Generate a new intake compared to DRI report for the new day’s menu.


Reflect on the differences found between your actual food journal and the ideal food journal you created in your second profile. “What changes did you observe between your original food journal and the made-up food journal?”

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