Capstone Papers-Organizational Goals Analysis

Capstone Papers-Organizational Goals Analysis

Organizational Goals Analysis

You have just obtained a management position within the Lockeport Medical Center Human Resources Department. You have been asked to assist in aligning workforce capacity with the organizational needs of the organization in order to ensure delivery of cost-effective, high-quality healthcare. You must first become familiar with Lockeport Medical Center by reviewing the document “Organizational Description—Lockeport Medical Center.” Based on the organizational description address the following:

Infer five organizational goals of the Lockeport Medical Center, and explain why the goals are essential to the operational success of this medical center.

Infer five values of the Lockeport Medical Center, and explain what the values communicate about this organization.

Describe five key employee traits or qualities relevant to and necessary to fulfill the described organizational goals, and explain how each key employee trait or quality is essential to achieve the organizational goals.

Identify 10 potential positions necessary to achieve the organizational goals, and create an organizational chart reflecting these positions.

Explain how these positions will help Lockeport Medical Center achieve its organizational goals.

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