Capstone Papers-Rapid Anthropological Assessment Procedure

Capstone Papers-Rapid Anthropological Assessment Procedure

Rapid Anthropological Assessment Procedure (RAPs)


Discuss how you would apply the Rapid Assessment Procedures (RAPs) methods described in Chapter 14 of Applied Anthropology: Tools and Perspectives for Contemporary Practices to this hypothetical scenario described on page 259 of the textbook:

A pipeline containing natural gas is to be built running from the Northwest Territories through northern Saskatchewan to the Prairies and southward to the United States. A new road will have to be built alongside it. Among the communities near the pipeline and where the road will be for the first time, is a village of approximately five hundred people consisting largely of Chipwyan, Cree, and Métis people. About 40 percent of the household heads are still full-time trappers. The remainder also engage in trapping and subsistence activities to some extent. Recently, though, the community has been hard hit economically and has to rely a lot on transfer payments from the Province and federal government. Although there will likely be provision for Native employment in the construction phase lasting about eighteen months, approximately 1,000 non-Native workers from  the south will also likely be involved. (Ervin, 2005)

As a research consultant how would you use RAPs to examine the needs of the Native communities? Include a list of at least five questions that you would ask in each effected household that would provide information about cultural beliefs and livelihood methods.

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