Capstone Papers-Research Study Proposal

Capstone Papers-Research Study Proposal

Research Study Proposal

Based on what you have learned in doing your prior Proposal assignments, Select the population, sample size, and data collection methods appropriate for your problem statement and research question.

Provide your research question. The research question needs to use a structure that clearly and specifically defines the population and the measurable variables, in either a descriptive, relational or causal way (see Meadows, 2003, materials/discussion in Week 2; reference below).  Use feedback from Week 4 to revise your research question as necessary.

Develop an outline describing the quantitative methodology for a study that is designed to answer this research question.

Your identified target population;

Your specific sample of participants:

  • What/who will comprise your sample(s)?
  • Where will you find them?
  • How large will your sample(s) be?
  • What is your rationale for these decisions?

Method for getting the data from the sample:

  • How will you recruit the subjects?
  • What general process will you use to collect the data? (e.g., Where will you collect it?  Who will collect it?  etc.  What is the process you and the participant will go through so you can get the data, in other words?)

What specific independent and dependent variables will you be studying, and how specifically will you measure those variables?

  • What comparison groups will you have, if any?
  • What instruments or measurements will you use to get the data?
  • How did you decide on these particular groups, instruments or measurements?
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