Capstone Papers-School and Workplace Violence

Capstone Papers-School and Workplace Violence

School and Workplace Violence

This activity critically explores the contrast between school and workplace violence along with the criminal perpetrators of such crimes. School violence, particularly school shootings, is a relatively rare occurrence, not unlike workplace violence in that way. However, in recent years (perhaps the last 20 years), society has seen an increase in both the repetitiveness and cruelty of such behaviors.

You are tasked with comparing and contrasting in detail the most salient traits and situational circumstances associated of school shooters and workplace shooters, analyzing the types and categories, as well as the precipitating influences, like school bullying and workplace harassment. Include a discussion of the roles of investigative psychology and geographic profiling in assisting law enforcement efforts to identify potential would-be perpetrators. You must use at least one professional journal article for your answer.

Please post your response in the Forum by midnight (MT) Wednesday. Make sure that you justify and support your response. Also, please post a response to at least two other student answers by midnight (MT) Sunday. Please refer to the syllabus for points associated with this activity.

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