Capstone Papers-Test and Quality Assurance Plan

Capstone Papers-Test and Quality Assurance Plan

Test and Quality Assurance Plan
Provide a paragraph that discusses the importance of testing for  product quality in your process. Be sure to include an explanation of  why it is important to consider quality assurance as part of the  development process, what the ethical implications of not including  quality assurance may be, and why you chose the particular product  testing techniques you have to apply to the project. Remember to defend  these choices, explaining how your choice might differ from those other  would choose, but are ultimately the correct fit given your project and  focus.

Develop a plan for unit testing. Include specific application  functions that will be tested and how the tests will be conducted.

Develop a plan for system testing. Include areas that you will  test within both the application and a system as a whole and how errors  will be tracked and reported.

Develop a plan for user acceptance testing. Include key  stakeholders who should perform the test and how they will record any  issues that they find.

Develop a quality assurance plan. Include specific quality  assurance methods or control, what their purpose is, and in which phase  they will be utilized.

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