Capstone Papers-The Phenomenon of Serial Murder

Capstone Papers-The Phenomenon of Serial Murder

The Phenomenon of Serial Murder

This activity explores the societal phenomenon of serial murder. You will examine the multiple types of criminal mindsets and environmental antecedents associated with this challenging criminal adversary. These individuals often baffle reasonable people at large due to the abhorrent character of their offenses. Is there a characteristic that all serial murderers share which may provide some understanding into their behaviors?

You are tasked to select any serial murderer of your choice. Then compare and contrast the general traits of serial murderers with those of your selected case subject, identifying modus operandi and signature characteristics. You must use at least one professional journal article for your answer.

Please post your response in the Forum by midnight (MT) Wednesday. Make sure that you justify and support your response. Also, please post a response to at least two other student answers by midnight (MT) Sunday. Please refer to the syllabus for points associated with this activity.

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