CASE ASSIGNMENT BUSI 4302-Agile Electric Case Project


BUSI 4302

Management of Quality

Winter 2019




Agile Electric Case Project



This is a case project and represents the final assignment or requirement for the course. The format is a key element and the ability of your submission to utilize the elements from the course as a key part of your analysis



 You are required to provide and adetailed and in depth case analysis as outlined in the worksheet provided



Please make sure to answer the questions listed below as part of the overall case analysis. The case handed in must be a hard copy in the appropriate font (Arial 12, Double spaced –5000 words approx.)


  1. What are the main issues Agile and its supplier base?


  1. What direction should the firm be moving in the finalization of its quality plans?


  1. Where did the process implementations breakdown in this product launch?


  1. How are the systems to be monitored?


  1. How would this event be prevented from happening again?



Marks will be awarded based on your ability to use concepts from the readings and class discussions. Focus is on the frameworks for the development and implementation of a quality systems. The use of existing models such as Baldridge and QS 9000 would be a useful guideline for example