Case Study and critical analysis

Assignment Remit 1. Develop a case study based on personal or professional practice with a particular individual, group or community, which concerns issues of social justice/oppression and/or anti-discriminatory/anti-oppressive practice (1000 words) ( I want you to write a case study about an individual young person EAL coming to the country, what are the barriers and what support can find in the school as they do not speak a word of English. what are the circumstances and why they are coming from their country to UK)I do not need to use any reference in the case study. I am a primary MFL teacher so could you write the case study in the point of view of a teacher. 2. Provide an in-depth critical analysis of the case study (4000 words ) Module Learning Outcomes: 1. Understanding of the historical and current relationship between professionals working with children, young people and communities and the principles and practice of social justice. 2. Demonstrate a thorough Knowledge and legislation and social policy in relation to anti-discriminatory/ anti-oppressive practice. 3. Critically reflect on the role of the professional worker in relation to concepts of power and empowerment. 4. Critically analyse the role of identity and culture in relation to work with individuals, groups and communities and in relation to “self” and “others”