case write up and SWOT analysis (apple)

Case Write-Up: case write up and SWOT analysis (apple)

In 7 – 9 pages, does not include the works cited page, discuss the case using report style and the
following order:
1. Executive summery – 1 page
 The last thing written, but the first to show up
 An overview of you report
 Only include: primary issues, secondary issues, alternatives, and recommendation
 1 page maximum, nothing else goes on this page!
2. Company background – 1 page
 Brief history, owners, employees
3. SWOT analysis – 2-3 pages
 Complete SWOT analysis
4. Issues – 1 page
 List the problems in order of importance
 Primary: the biggest issues, usually when this is fixed all other issues are fixed
 Secondary: minor issues that are an off-shoot (2)
5. Alternatives – 1-2 pages
 The different ways to solve the issue
 4 ways, one way could be to do nothing
6. Recommendations – 1 page
 Choose one alternative, could use a combination of 2
 Discuss how this will be implemented and what it will solve
Report Style
 Typed, double spaced, appropriate font
 appropriate font (size 11 or 12), 1” margins
 Full justified
 Do not indent paragraphs, leave an extra space in between
 Use headings and page numbers

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