Cheap Custom Essay:Early Language Development

Cheap Custom Essay:Early Language Development

you are working as a teacher in a community with a high population of 3-year old to 5-year old children that have been identified as English Language Learners. The local school board is awarding an early learning language grant to a program that submits a comprehensive plan that provides engagement and support for this population of students. The principal of your school has tasked groups of teachers in your school to create foundational plan proposals that can be further developed for consideration by the school board. Within your group, you will develop a proposal that includes the fundamentals of the plan. Each member of your group will complete one of the three required sections: Learning Center Type and Rationale, Materials and Activities, and Approach and Summary.

Identify the specific areas of language that the selected learning center will target.

Describe a minimum of two activities the planned learning center will offer to support this age group of English Language Learners, including step-by-step instructions for each.

Create a list of materials that would be needed to support the described activities.

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