CISM 2130 Business Information Systems Case Analysis #2

CISM 2130 Business Information Systems

Case Analysis #2

InstructionsBased on your last name, you are assigned one of the following scenarios:

A-D: Kmart

E-L: Target

M-Z: Walmart

Write a company analysis, with the sub-headings provided, and answer in detail each of the questions listed. Responses can range from 1-2 paragraphs long (with approximately 125 words per paragraph). Make sure to justify all statements with appropriate sources or explanatory statements. The document should be formatted as single-spaced with Times New Roman 12-pt font with 1” Margins.


Write the assigned scenario with the phrase “Company A – Case Analysis #4.” (e.g. Target – Case Analysis #4). Include the following under the title: your full name, the course number, the semester, and the year.


In 2-3 paragraphs, provide an overview and description of the chosen company. The introduction should describe the primary business activities of the company and include company details such as: sector, industry, name and length of tenure of CEO, number of full time employees, location of headquarters, current stock price (if applicable), and last reported revenue amount (Refer to, or company website for information to include in this section).


In a numbered bullet list format, provided responses to the following questions for the assigned scenario (include the bolded sub-headings but do NOT include question wording!):

Chapter 10: Development Processes

1. Your company is planning to engage in Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) project for a major process within their company. They have decided to create a project plan to manage the entire SDLC project. You have been tasked with identifying and describing three (3) software packages that the team can use to create a Gantt chart for the project plan for the following:

a. Windows OS

b. Mac OS

c. Not OS specific; uses Cloud computing technology

2. How does Scrum (Agile) development address the deficiencies in Business Process Management (BPM) and Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? Be specific and provide details on the benefits and drawbacks of the Scrum development approach.

Chapter 11: Information Systems Management

3. Research your company and identify the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Provide a short bio of the CIO, including a list 2-3 jobs that they previously held. Provide details on the CIO’s primary job responsibilities.

4. Many companies choose to outsource portions of their business activities, such as human resources, manufacturing, or information systems, in order to gain a competitive advantage. Your company outsourced a portion of their business to gain efficiencies, improve productivity, or cut costs.

a. What aspect of the business does (or did) your company outsource? When? Provide details on why they decided to outsource this aspect of the business.

b. Does your company still outsource this aspect of the business? Why did they decide to stop outsourcing? Or why did they decide to continue outsourcing?

Chapter 12: Information Security Management

5. Suppose you order products from your company online. The data that you provide is not protected by U.S. privacy laws, such as the Privacy Act of 1974or the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act (1999).

a. What do these two laws protect?

b. Does the lack of protection for your data cause you to reconsider setting up an account with a stored credit card number?

c. What is the advantage of storing credit card number? Do you think the advantage is worth the risk?

d. Are you more willing to take the risk with your company as compared to other companies? If so, state the criteria you use for choosing to take the risk.


You can use your textbook, library books, newspaper or magazine articles, and Internet resources as supporting information. Ensure all quotes, summaries, and paraphrasing are cited properly using APA guidelines (Refer to for more details).

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