classification essay

Classification Essay Classification Essay Please bring to class on ????? in some electronic form that can be converted to Microsoft Word on the classroom computers, a classification essay that meets the following assignment. Assignment: In the Revised Short Stories for Composition text found under the Texts and Handbooks tab, read the short story The Kiss by Kate Chopin on page 11. Discuss the story thoroughly in class. In a reasonable manner, classify each of the three stereotypical characters presented in The Kiss by the type of character it represents and relate at least three qualities that are essential to each type. Prepare a three point essay outline. Students may be asked to submit an outline with the paper. This outline may be handwritten. Students do not need to write in complete sentences in the outline. Compose a classification essay that follows the three point essay outline exactly. No research may be used in the completion of this assignment. Any research will be regarded as plagiarism. Avoid use of first and second person pronouns. Write from an objective point of view. Avoid the use of contractions in this and all academic assignments. Review, revise, and submit the paper in class. Peer review may be done. Format: Times New Roman 12 Font 1” page margins on all sides Double-spaced throughout with no extra spacing anywhere in the document Indent paragraphs appropriately Name, class, and date (MLA heading) in upper left corner of first page No headers nor footers and no page numbers Title should be centered on the line after heading. If printed, paper should be stapled in upper left corner Organization: Paper will follow three point essay outline exactly. Transitional words, phrases, and sentences will be used in appropriate places. Writing Skills (GUMP): Correct grammar should be used throughout paper. Pay special attention to pronoun/antecedent agreement. Correct spelling is expected. Correct usage is expected. Make sure that words are used in the appropriate context and with the appropriate meaning. Avoid slang terms. Correct mechanics should be used throughout paper. Pay special attention to the avoidance of sentence fragments and run-on sentences. Remember that a complete sentence consists of a complete subject and corresponding complete verb. Correct punctuation is expected. Pay special attention to comma usage. Keep in mind that, no matter the discipline, consistent comma usage is the key to correct comma usage. Objectives of this assignment: Following instructions Brainstorming using a common template Reading and understanding a literary work Understanding stereotypes and exploring prejudices Creating hypothetical ideas and situations from student’s experience and knowledge Creating a formal academic document based on hypothetical knowledge and ideas Reviewing and revising a formal academic document can you please go over this outline and give me a price please the first paragraph must be 24 sentences second, third, and fourth paragraphs must be 7 sentences and the conclusion must be 3 sentences and must be wrote in a 3point paragraph format