Clearly discuss the Western Civilization and The Last Voyage Of Columbus

Western Civilization: The Last Voyage Of Columbus

Clearly discuss the Western Civilization and The Last Voyage Of Columbus


Your review will be graded on the following categories:

*Opening Paragraph– a brief description of the nature of this assignment is required,

specifically what are your expectations going into reading & reviewing this book.


A. How interesting to read was the author’s writing style?

B. How easy to understand was the author’s writing style?

C. Describe how the book was generally structured, was it done in a straight topical, a straight chronological or a combination of the two, topical/chronological structure. Did the way this book was generally structured help you the reader stay focused on this book’s information?

2.) AUTHOR = Main Source Person(s) POINT OF VIEW – 40 POINTS

A. Explain in full detail the book’s main theme(s).

B. Explain how well the author supported the book’s main theme(s).

C. Outside of the main theme(s), give two other opinions, any kind of noticeable likes or dislikes about the people, places & events of this book’s subject matter, the author revealed in writing the book you are doing your assignment on.

D. Explain how well the author supported their opinions outside of the main theme.


A. Describe at least one good point and at least one bad point of this book.

B. How appropriate was this book for this particular history class?

C. Tell me something you learned from reading this book that helped you better understand the society we live in today.

· Each of these questions are worth 10 points apiece. I will evaluate your answers in Sections 1, 2, & 3 (its Main Body) using the following criteria:

A. Fully Explained Opinions

B. Grammar, Sentence and Paragraph Structure

C. Topic Organization

Separate Title Page: This page does not count as part of your reviews Main Body.

Any review turned in without this title page will receive a 5-point reduction penalty.

A. Center of the Page- Book Title & Author(s) Name(s)

B. Bottom Right Hand Corner- Student Name, Instructor Name, Course Title & Semester