Climate change Environmental Sciences Research Paper

Topic: Is climate change human caused, natural or a combination of the two. Take a position and defend your position from a third person perspective. Do not use words like I, me, my, etc.; you must treat this like a properly written college paper. Do not use any online references, references must be books (your text book can be one), articles, or online government websites (i.e. USEPA, USGS, etc.). The paper must be at least three (3) page, double spaced, 12 point font paper on climate change. This paper must be handed in on the date referenced per the table on the first page. The paper must be submitted through Canvas. The paper is valued at 50 points. Referencing must be APA format in the body of the paper and works cited page. Please see the example of APA format under module. You are required to use at least 1 book and 1 academic article. please see the CSN library staff for help finding proper references. Any online source is to be cleared by me before use. NOTE: Any non-compliant paper such as not 3 pages written, incorrect or lack of referencing in the body of the paper or the works cited page will be an automatic zero points.