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TITLE: INDIVIDUAL REFLECTIVE JOURNAL ( Advantage and disadvantage of cloud computing)

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The aim of this undertaking is to provide an character mirrored image magazine approximately my getting to know experiences received by using performing evaluation 1 and a pair of assessment 1 mentioned the benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing even as evaluation 2 gave a look at on impact of cloud computing at the commercial enterprise in the shape of a research idea project.

From the first assignment I learned about the different features of cloud computing that provides business firms to operate their daily activities easily and effectively. It provides various kind of networks and helps to access variety of client platform such as mobile phones, PDAs, laptops etc. Similarly rapid elasticity, measured services, multiple person can access same database, high storage capacity which make faster communication to different business entities at a same time and maintain healthy relation between parties or users. This information is helpful for me in coming future to minimize the operating cost in business activities.

At the time of performing search for the literature evaluation I learned how best is vital over the quantity. Since I wasn’t professional in proper choice of literature it became a difficult challenge to locate an appropriate record. Through this I discovered that it is very important to recognize factor with the aid of point the author has depicted in the records.

In the 2nd assessment, I found out that cloud computing is a cutting-edge buzzword inside the IT enterprise world to the success of the enterprise. I learnt that cloud contributes to reduction of operational prices inside a company and facilitates a enterprise utilize database at any time and region presence of net connection from third parties at a fair value. But, cloud computing can be a downside to the low monetary status of commercial enterprise for it results in high cost for installation, security and privacy problem, restricted managerial manage and downtime . From this getting to know, I accept as true with it might play a huge function in my future profession on a way to do element observe of all aspects of cloud computing earlier than coming near it.

For assessment 2 I began focusing the research methodology which addresses research instrument, justifies the research questions, and addresses pattern size and samples technique and crucial evaluation of the limitations of the method. Through, I have enough theoretical knowledge from all the previous periods and turned into clear approximately the research methodology to be followed and all of the parts which include sampling, records series, populace, research method, facts analysis, and so forth. But with simply theoretical knowledge it wasn’t sufficient. At the end I used to be capable of apply all the theories into sensible subject. It gave me possibility to discover every aspect to pick out the gaps within the literature. This made me feasible to consider the studies idea in a solid manner.

The learning enjoy won from both assessment 1 and 2 that the powerful coordination of middle business operations ends in elevated benefits of cloud computing. My judgment is that cloud gives different advantages to Webb’s shops that allows to reduced fee, increase flexibility and high storage enables businesses diversify distribution methods of the agency services and products with the third party providers. Even as at Amazon provider of internet (AWS) I observed and mentioned that cloud methods helps groups set up an intact business touch and offers services on demand from clients.

This understanding and experience have been valuable to my expert aspirations. I found out the importance of information cloud computing factors earlier than coming near it in that this reduces operational charges and guarantees abilities retention and efficient managerial manage. Also, this enjoy made me remember that ought to computing may be use everywhere and proportion the records and statistics from anyplace within internet connection that act as distribution channels for the agency and that need to be applied.

This learning enjoy on cloud computing for commercial enterprise has helped me in my course and educational programs in numerous methods, and that I stay up for applying these services in my future professional existence. Academically, I have found out a way to conduct studies the use of exceptional studies tools to decorate undertaking authenticity. Professionally, I understood the proper measures and approaches considered by using a organization when computing cloud to increase the benefits over the prices. I read books, peer-reviewed journals, and the net sources to acquire sufficient facts to understand each the benefits and downsides of cloud computing for a enterprise company. From the readings, I found out that customers demand more capabilities, clean way and services from cloud and that the distribution of these commodities is coupled with demanding situations and advantages for both the employer and customers. Cloud computing has the negative aspects for small and medium scale enterprise consisting of downtime, high installation and operating value examine to their labor and hardware fee.

From the learning process, I gained information on a way to formulate studies hypothesis. notably, evaluation 1 and 2 commercial enterprise studies used both the null and alternative hypothesis in determining whether benefits more than risks relates with cloud computing. Growing hypothesis would assist me in locating out relationships among individual concepts and answer whether or not a possible courting exists among the variables in each academic and expert discipline. Project one activities included cloud computing position in Webb’s stores and type of its form and impact on enterprise. Similarly, assessment one reviewed the advantages and downsides of cloud computing on commercial enterprise. Assessment 2 explained the assessment of articles associated with cloud computing in addition, the mission became construct upon evaluation 1 to help in expertise the risks and benefits of cloud on enterprise operations. The main purpose for appearing task 1 and a pair of activities as highlighted above turned into to help the control in describing the research problem to remedy the underlying cloud risks. In my view, assessment 1 and 2 of are useful for they prepared me with the abilities to examine and comparison cloud associated articles and draw the proper standards and thoughts of right cloud computing processes.

As a result, the gaining knowledge of method has provided me with proper knowledge and use of cloud computing that I have been analyzing in my course. The potential to execute the project ambitions has given me a broader business angle from various peer reviewed journals on how the professional discipline of logistics work (Anon, 2015, p. 1585). Now I am capable of justify the selected research approach for a proposed topic and may optimistically deliver the records analysis and facts series process and may provide an explanation for the restrictions of the carried out take a look at.


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