COL 220 Fundamentals of Innovation & Entrepreneurship-Opportunity Analysis Project Project 2: Team Based

Opportunity Analysis Project

Project 2: Team Based

Worth 20% of the overall course grade, Due Week 12


Learning Outcomes Addressed

  1. Students will examine the importance of entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation clusters to healthy society and economies. LO2
  2. Students will learn how to differentiate between an idea and a viable opportunity. LO4



The Opportunity Analysis Project (OAP) allows students to leverage the many tools that they have learned so far in the course. By Session 12A/12B, study teams will develop a report and narrative regarding the OAP. During this session, student teams should pick an idea and use the time in class to determine whether or not their idea is a true opportunity that can be turned into a scalable enterprise. To determine if your group’s idea is doable each group member should interview 2 potential customers, users, and/or partners about your group’s idea.  You will make a presentation to your peers and develop a corresponding written report on your analysis and learning from contacting users, customers, and partners.


Part A: Written Report – Worth 50 %

Students should use the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques gained in the course (in weeks 1 – 12)to prepare a report on their innovative concept. The report should be no less than 3 pages, double-spaced, and 12 pt. font. This document has to be in Word or PDF, and not in Pages.The report must include the following sections from the rubric below:

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