Collecting research resources – Research Coursework

Research coursework (Optional for extra credit) This assignment has three parts: Part I: Find five scholarly articles in the field of Middle East Studies that focus on Arab history or culture (literature, music, art, architecture, etc). A scholarly article is an essay that is published in a recognized academic periodical. Do not use newspaper articles, popular journal articles, book reviews, books, dissertations, dissertation abstracts, on-line lectures or teaching webpages. A critical essay will include footnotes and/ or a works cited. Academic periodicals are published 3 or 4 times a year. You should use the MSU library’s on-line databases (Project MUSE, Jstor, etc) to find these articles. Part II: Type up a select bibliography that consists of the five articles. Use MLA format. (1 page) Part III: Briefly summarize the argument of one of the articles (1 page). In your summary identify clearly the author’s thesis. What is the author’s main point and explain how they make their point. You may need to quote briefly from the article. Do not include the article with your summary