College Essays-Childhood Obesity

College Essays-Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Obesity is a big problem in the US. 52% children are obese or overweight. 70% of these children grow into obese adults.

High body mass index of 25 or more causes obesity. Obesity is the result of bad diet habits, physical inactivity, and also genetics. 13% of all children at the school going age are obese in the US (Liu & Manson, 2001).

Obesity causes many diseases. Diabetes, fatty liver disease, asthma, cancer, heart disease, and stroke can be caused by obesity. At an older age it is harder to control weight and BMI becomes high. This is because metabolism slows down with age, and obesity is a metabolic syndrome/

Poor diets and physical inactivity is the main cause of obesity in children (Guh et al., 2009).

Death rate because of obesity is 14% in the US for men and 20% for men (Calle et al., 2003).

Cost of obesity with oth

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