College Paper Writing Service-BUSS 2046 Organizational Behavior

College Paper Writing Service-BUSS 2046 Organizational Behavior



Prepare a report set out in a grid format that analyses the current practices in an organisation and evaluates them against a topic area which you have studied in the course to date, Employee Stress.

There is a topic statement that you are asked to address. There is also a number of sub-questions for the statement – these will guide you towards the details you will develop in writing your assignment – you could use each one as a new point on your grid as you move down your grid structure.  You can also include additional points, which you consider appropriate, in your report.

How the organisation perceives the management of employee stress within the organisation.

Is there a stress management plan in action – what does it consist of?

If there is a stress management plan in action has it been effective and by what measures?

If there is no formal stress management plan what do management do regarding managing employee stress in the organisation? Is it recognised? Discuss and provide comments in the Actual column.

Is employee stress essentially created by work practices, by management practices or by other factors? Discuss these.

What is the level of support for recognition of stress in the organisation? If it is minimal, then what should be the level of support? This second part of the question would be included in your Recommendations column.