College Paper Writing Services-Criminology

College Paper Writing Services-Criminology

police should be allowed to search suspected individuals because they may have committed crimes. 

we shouldn’t take out the evidence because it helps guilty people as they go free.

Police should have control and authority to bring justice:

police should be trusted to search people to find criminals

police should be given more authority to enforce laws to keep peace.

police should be given more power because criminals should not be let off the hook.

The rule provides a loophole for guilty individuals

It allows for miscarriage of justice

a murderer is set free due to this rule.

need 1000 words arguing against exclusionary rule. I don’t need anyone to define what exclusionary rule. I just need to argue that police should have more authority overall b/c guilty people are set free so please don’t be writing on what exclusionary rule and don’t define it within the first draft

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