College Paper Writing Services-Financial Management Presentation Topics

College Paper Writing Services-Financial Management Presentation Topics

A detailed introduction to the nature of the business of the selected company .   A story that will entertain your classmates, something that they will remember about your company.

 A detailed discussion of company’s indicators (example: price, beta, PE, EPS, etc.) 

As to fulfill the requirements of presentation, students of the course code, FINA 412, are asked to select a Fortune 500 company. First ten companies are listed on the verso as examples, but other businesses that are riding high are allowed. The group will discuss the following issues

A comparative analysis (minimum three years) of financial ratios reported by the selected company (for example: 2017, vs. 2016, vs. 2015) (1 pct).

A comparative analysis of financial ratios among its industry (for example 2016 for your company, 2016 for Competitor 1, 2016 for Competitor 2, 2016 for Competitor 3, 2016 for Competitor 4)

Major future commitments announced by the selected company. Impact of visual aids – Visual aids slides were effective, organized and helpful.

Organized – The presentation was organized. The presenter demonstrated an understanding of the company.

Critical thinking skills – Ideas were clearly expressed. Presentation was creative innovative. Additional presentation rubric criteria.

Preparation – Evidence of preparation for the presentation