Common Task: Yo hago un viaje Spanish 2


You are going on vacation to a Spanish speaking country.  While you are there, you will stay in the Capital for two days.  After that, you will visit the capital cities of two bordering/neighboring Spanish-speaking countries.  On the seventh day, you will return to the United States.

Write an email to your friend telling him/her :

When you are leaving  (use salir and a date)
Where you are going  (use ir/ir de vacaciones or viajar)
Where your hotels are located (use estar and the names of the countries/capitals)
What you will do there (use a variety of verbs)


write at least FIFTEEN good Spanish sentences.
use at least three ORDINAL numbers.
use at least three different PREPOSITIONS to tell where things are located.
mention the name of at least three FAMOUS TOURIST SITES (one from each country) that you will visit.  (use a variety of destinations:  playas, museos, catedrales, y otras atracciones)
include at least three PICTURES of these famous places.

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