Visit a public or work meeting as an observer. Take notes at the meeting. Record each meeting participant’s name and, as the meeting progresses, identify the various group roles that individuals use during the course of the meeting. Also record any notes that will help you to determine the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of each participant. Following the meeting, write up 3-4-page analysis of the meeting. Within the analysis, include the following information:

Describe the meeting you attended (type, number of participants, location, time, reason for meeting, etc.).
Describe the participants in the meeting and identify the maintenance, task and self-centered roles they played.
Describe which participants were the most effective.
Describe the less effective members and their behavior.
Describe any important roles that were missing. Justify your reasoning.
Describe what meeting participants could have done differently to improve their communication.
Describe what you learned about groups and roles from this observation assignment.

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