As part of this unit students will complete a Company Analysis Assessment composed of 4
separate items:
Company Selection Assignment of 250 words
Company Research Assignment of 10-15 paragraphs +
data Company Marketing Assignment of 1200 words
Company Management Assignment of 1200 words
Each paper will deal with the same company so it is important that students plan ahead.
Being able to conduct in-depth research, synthesis analysis, write a research paper, and
present the findings is a crucial skill in any discipline. The company analysis will teach how
to do this within the discipline of business.
The company analysis is the best way to practice the concepts learned in this unit. It requires that
demonstration that the student can:
Write in a business voice
Find and evaluate relevant research from business research sources
Synthesise research from various sources and objectively evaluate and analyse the
information using concepts learned in this course
Communicate the analysis and conclusions in writing
Here are some general suggestions on how to learn the most out of the assignment and to ensure
that a good grade:
Read the entire assignment, review the grading rubrics, and seek clarification of any parts
not understood.
Research thoroughly. Do not rely on Wikipedia or financial websites. The goal of the
analysis is to be comprehensive and objective.
Take the time to digest the research. Map out ideas. Search for missing elements.
Write an outline. What is the main idea? What is the next level of ideas? Is there supporting
evidence? Organise the ideas. The rubrics generally provide much of the outline.
Reread the assignment and the rubric. Make sure all the requirements are fulfilled.
Write the paper without looking at the research. This will prevent unintended
plagiarism. Evaluate the draft using the writing self-assessment.
Revise the paper.
Revise the paper again.
Value: 18 points worth a total of 8%
250 Words
Select a publicly listed company to analyse. Write a 250-word paper on why you selected this
company. Expound upon four reasons. These reasons should not be personal. They should relate to
attributes of the company that you are familiar with. Make a claim and then provide evidence for
your claim.

Did not use
Business Voice
Erratically used
Business Voice
and engage in
Adequately Used
Business Voice
Excellent use of
business voice
Business Voice 0 pts 1 pt 2 pts 3 pts


Did not present
any reason or
Presented poor
reasons (1 point
each reason)
Provided adequate
Provided good,
Four Reasons or
0 pts 4 pts 8 pts 12 pts


Did not present
any evidence
Presented poor
Provided adequate
Provided good,
organised and
0 pts 1 pts 2 pts 3 pts

Common mistakes to avoid on Company Selection paper
1. Do not use the first person. Business papers are more formal and should be written in
third person. Use a business voice. Look at examples such as articles in the Wall St.
Journal, or Business Week articles to see what a business voice is.
2. Do not use promotions language such as: Chevrolet makes some of the most dependable
and longest lasting trucks on the road today and Cadillac makes some of the most luxurious
sports sedans the world over. This is an objective paper. You are not speaking for the
company but producing unbiased analysis.
3. Do not use slang or the colloquial in a business paper. Some examples of what not to use
are: pretty big, legit company, a ton of, financial wise, etc.
4. Contractions such as don’t and can’t sound informal and should not be used.
5. Organise your paper using the writing self assessment. Use paragraphs to expound on a topic.
6. Do not use symbols such as #, & or @.
7. When sales or profit is noted, the convention is to use $3 billion for three billion dollars.
8. For numbers over twenty, use the numbers not words as 35 instead of thirty-five.
9. The possessive is
their not there. The possessive is its not it’s.
10. For the other papers, use subheadings to organise your paper and show that you have
covered the topics.
11. All work in this paper must be your own. Any visuals or graphs must by your own
(students may include the company logo with citation). Do not copy from the company or
any other website.
Value: 23 points worth a total of 12%
10-15 Paragraphs + Data
The purpose of this assignment is to get you to complete comprehensive research for your
company analysis. You will write a paper that provides basic research about your company. Use
headings to organise your paper. Be careful to avoid plagiarism.
1. Write a summary business description of your company. You may use any information source
but do not copy information. The writing must be in your own words. Length 3-4 paragraphs.
2. Write a summary of the information (length 4-6 paragraphs) you have found including:
a. Company products
b. Management
c. Culture (mission, values)
d. Employee benefits
e. Employee attributes – what the company is looking for in its employees and
what kind of employee would be happiest working there.
f. Copy the yearly income statement, the yearly balance sheet and the financial ratios
to include as part of this paper. Provide commentary about the value of each item.
Commentary length: 3-5 paragraphs.
g. Cite all the sources using correct format.

The key to business research is to find recent information. For most business topics, information
older than twelve months may not be very useful. Second, evaluate sources for credibility. If it is
one of the major business publications, it will be fairly reliable (although they have been known to
be wrong) but may be biased. If it is a company publication or industry association publication,
assess how good the information is. The mission of an industry group is to promote the industry.
Their information might paint a much brighter picture than is actually the case.
CARS (credibility, accuracy, reasonableness and support) is a simply acronym that helps
evaluate research. You can create a rating scale to evaluate each of your sources of information.
A summary check list is provided in the following table. Students rate their articles on a scale of
1 (lowest) and 4 (highest) of each of the criteria. You must provide reasons for your ratings
when submitting a CARS as part of an assignment.
Check List for Evaluating Research

High Low
Author’s education or experience relevant to
Anonymous author
Contact information given No contact information
Organisation the author belongs to or the website
belongs to is reputable and unbiased on issue
Periodical not well-known
Author has reputable position Reviews are mostly negative
Author has good reputation Author is not convincing
Periodical is of good quality in content and
Writing contains bad grammar and numerous
misspelled words
Up-to- date information – dates are current No date. Old date.
Looks at the last year of any historical data –
Does it include latest year?
Use of vague or sweeping generalisations
Comprehensive – many sources of data, cites all
relevant sources of information
Limited information or sources. Limited coverage
of topic
Considers the audience for the information Hidden messages of persuasion; inappropriate for
Fair – presents other side Angry or spiteful tones
Objectivity – control biases, any conflict of
interest is disclosed
Conflict of interest
Moderateness – most truths are ordinary. (Some
truths are not but check to see if they are real).
Sweeping statements
Consistency – writer avoids contradictions Writer exaggerates or over claims
World view – writer identifies his/her religions, Writer obscures his/her biases and viewpoints


political, etc point of view
Source of information is cited No identified source for numbers
Corroboration – May want to triangulate – find
three sources of information that agree
Absence of documentation when it is needed
Does it agree with outside sources of
Cannot find other sources that agree with

Value: 42 points worth a total of 15%
1000 -1200 Words
Visual Display: Include one graph or chart that you created yourself. A good graph might be a pie
chart of company sales by product categories. The visual display must relate to marketing. Financial
information such as revenue and net income growth is not appropriate for this visual display.
Cartoons and process drawings are not appropriate.

Omitted Superficial
/ Careless
Adequate –
covered all
Brand Analysis – Description of the
company brand image including
attributes, benefits and values. Analysis
of how the company manages its brand.
0 pts 3 pts 6 pts 9 pts
Product Analysis – Description of new
product development in the company.
Assess where the company’s products
are on the product life cycle. How does
the company manage products?
0 pts 3 pts 6 pts 9 pts
Customer Analysis – Give 4 or 5
characteristics of the company’s target
market. Articulate the company
customer value proposition. How does
the company manage the customer life
cycle? What channels are used to reach
the customer?
0 pts 3 pts 6 pts 9 pts
Competition – Compare and contrast
two to three of the strongest competitors
to your company. How does your
company compete?
0 pts 3 pts 6 pts 9 pts
Growth Strategy – What marketing
strategy is used by your company.
Summarise key points from the
previous sections to articulate how it
plans to grow.
0 pts 2 pts 3 pts 4 pts


No visual display
or copied from
other sources
Visual display
related to
Provided adequate
visual display
Good visual
display related to
Visual display 0 pts 0.5 pts 1 pt 2 pts

Value: 32 points worth a total of 15%
1000 Words

Omitted Superficial
/ Careless
Adequate –
covered all
Describe the impact of two or three key
managers in the company. What style of
management do they employ? Are they
effective? What stories are typically
told about managers?
0 pts 1 pt 3 pts 5 pts
Corporate mission, values and culture.
Describe what these are and how they
contribute to the company brand. Does
the company value diversity? What is
the diversity of its management and
workforce? What stories characterise
the company culture?
0 pts 4 pts 8 pts 10 pts
Corporate social responsibility. Identify
a negative incident involving the
company and describe how the
company handled the incident. Analyse
where the company is on the stages of
corporate social responsibility.
0 pts 3 pts 5 pts 7 pts
Identify the benefits that an employee
would get at the company. How does
this compare to other companies?
0 pts 1 pt 3 pts 5 pts
Identify the attributes the company
seeks in an employee. What type of
person should be happiest working for
this company?
0 pts 1 pt 3 pts 5 pts


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