Compare ADR and litigation procedures

. APA formatting a. Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font b. 1-inch margins c. Page numbers in top right corner d. Doubled spaced 2. Each section must follow the APA formatting guidelines for headings. 3. Must be at least 2-3 pgs in length, not including the title and reference pgs. 4. Must include a minimum of three scholarly and credible sources (not including the text book). 1: Compare ADR and litigation procedures. Assignment Description:Do a comparison of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation procedures. Mediation versus arbitration versus litigation, what is the difference. You will: 1. Compare and contrast mediation, arbitration, and litigation, and explain what each means. 2. Discuss at least three advantages and disadvantages for each of the following: mediation, arbitration, and ligation.