compare/contrast mini-essay in MLA Cultural Studies Essay

Instructions Compare and contrast timed mini-essay Do not attempt this quiz until you have read all the paired articles from this week. When you begin the essay, you’ll be asked to compare and contrast two specific passages from this week’s textbook readings. (The articles will appear within the quiz itself.) You won’t know ahead of time which two articles you’ll be asked to write about, so make sure you’ve read all this week’s assigned selections before you attempt the quiz. You may prepare for this timed essay-writing quiz by preparing outlines. However, do not write an essay or essays ahead of time and upload them. Quiz prompts are shuffled randomly. Each student will receive a unique prompt, so do not hit up your classmates for quiz info. After you’ve begun the quiz, I advise you to compose your essay in Word or another software program, then copy/paste it into this Quiz (within time constraints). Your essay is not expected to be perfect. Use the writing skills you’ve learned this session (see rubric below). Do your best. You may not use any internet or human resources, aside from our class textbook and your own brain, during the quiz. The quiz is due by the end of this week, Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. The quiz locks after this time and becomes inaccessible. You may attempt the quiz once only. Ensure you have a secure online connection and power source. There will be no quiz re-takes. Claims that battery died, wifi disconnected, time expired, textbook was consumed by pet mongoose, etc., will not be accepted. 180 minutes (= three hours). Ten points. Compare and contrast quiz rubric /4 grammar, punctuation, mechanics /4 evidence, MLA citations, supporting details /2 organization, flow /10 TOTAL