A comparison of using social media platforms by public relations’ organizations and practitioners in UK and KSA

·        I would write a research proposal in order to apply for a phd program at University of Sussex.

Pleas, follow the instruction below,
The research proposal should be  2000 words in length not  including bibliography)
The research proposal should include the following sections:


You must provide a working title for the research, this is likely to change over time, but provides a good starting point for the proposal.

The title is a comparison of using social media platforms in public relations field in UK and KSA.

Brief abstract

Please write a paragraph summarising your proposed project.

The comparison will focus on 4 points,

1 Types of news and contents wich public relation’ organizations and practitioners consider to publish on social media platforms.

2 Social media platforms which public relation’ specialists and practitioners use for public relations activities.

3 methods and strategies which public relation specialists and practitioners tend to use it to manage and deal with crises issues in social media platforms.

4 Kinds of activities which are practiced by public relation specialists and practitioners on social media platforms.

5 Strategies and methods which public relation specialists and practitioners tend to use to communicate with the audiences on social media platforms.

Research questions and rationale

Introduce  main research questions and why you think the research matters. Indicate how you think the research will be an original contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the subject. Describe the form of the anticipated outputs if the proposal includes creative practice. You may want to explain how you think the research will connect with existing research interests at Sussex.

The research question  is:

Do public relation specialists and practitioners in Saudi Arabia use social media platforms  in public relation field effectively?

Conceptual framework

The conceptual framework should elaborate the rationale behind your research proposal. You should demonstrate a critical engagement with theories and secondary literature or other artefacts that are relevant to the research topic. Show how these theories frame the research questions and the overall structure of the research proposal. If relevant, reflect on the research dimension of  creative practice.

Methodology and Research Ethics

Show us how you intend to achieve the research aims and outcomes and how you will answer the research questions. Include information about specific methods and access to relevant sources. If the project involves creative practice in some way, it is important that you describe what facilities you will need and indicate the experience in the relevant production techniques. You may want to include a practice portfolio, or provide links to online examples of the work. Reflect on any ethical considerations relevant to the conduct of the research.

Indicative timeline

Provide an account of how you envisage conducting the research to completion within the period of registration. Note that we fully expect proposals and attendant timelines to evolve in practice, but we are keen to see the ability to design a research project, bearing this in mind.


Include any literature, audiovisual or online resources you have referenced in ‪the proposal‬.

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