Competitive Benefits

The short papers require you to fully investigate the topic and then prepare and compose a structured essay on the topic. You will use information from the course textbook, but go beyond it in your research. You will research peer reviewed journals available in the Excelsior College Library and will cite 3-4 sources other than the textbook.

Employees represented by a union are paid approximately 40% more (in terms of pay and benefit costs) compared to employees not represented by a union. From the organization’s point of view, unionization and higher labor costs may lead to lower investment in research and development or higher prices of products and services. Research compensation for unionized and non-unionized employees and write a 4–6 page paper in the format described below.

In your paper, address the following:

Describe the role of benefits in employee compensation, along with a general review of the typical components of an employee benefit package.
Analyze and explain how an organization whose employees are represented by a union can remain competitive against an organization whose employees are not represented by a union.

Each short paper must be in APA (6th ed.) format, 12-point font, and double-spaced. The paper should follow this format:

Title page—short description of the subject of the paper
Abstract—a concise executive summary of 50 to 100 words
Introduction—statement of the purpose of the paper and a strong thesis that summarizes the key point or finding of your paper
Theoretical foundation—presentation of theoretical concepts that serve as the foundation of the paper including a review of the sources used
Discussion—description of the application of the theory and relevant implications including pros and cons, and unresolved issues
Conclusion—summary of thesis and findings
Reference page (3-4 sources other than the textbook)

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