: Computer Science

Question 1

The integration of applications is becoming increasingly complex. One difficulty is the integration of different data types within a variety of applications – such as customer information that may exist in different database schemas and technologies within an organization. The term Polyglot Programming refers to applications written in a mix of languages to take advantage of the fact that different languages are suitable for tackling different applications with different types of data models

1. Describe an example application (different from an e-commerce example) to illustrate how a variety of related component applications could make use of data stores with different availability, consistency, and backup requirements. (I.e. Banking, educational, social media, etc.)

• (Show a description of the example application to the discussion – include a list of the component applications (at least 3 components with different NoSQL data stores).

Question 2

For each component application you identified in question 1, determine the type of NoSQL database that you would use as to meet the component’s requirement using the guidelines from page 194 of Data Access for Highly-Scalable Solutions: Using SQL, NoSQL, and Polyglot Persistence.. (The authors provide the guidelines to consider when mapping functionality of an application to specific types of NoSQL databases.

• Post a description of type of NoSQL database and its functionally that influenced your choice of NoSQL database for each component application described in question 1.