: Computer Science

Discussion Question 3-1

Discussion Question 3-1. The development of a work breakdown structure can be challenging. It requires a good understanding of the problem and a good understanding of the proposed solution. The proposed solution must be “broken down” into its major parts, each of which may be further broken down. Comment on your experience in developing a work breakdown structure for your individual project. What was easy? What was difficult? What problems did you encounter and how did you solve them?

Discussion Question 3-2

Discussion Question 3-2. Two IT acquisition planning teams worked together to study the same problem and develop alternative solutions for solving it. The teams then separated and each developed a work breakdown structure for the same alternative solution. The teams then compared the resulting work breakdown structures and found that they were significantly different. Is only one of the work breakdown structures correct? Could both be correct? Could both be incorrect?

Discussion Question 3-3

Discussion Question 3-3. SEIs CMMI-ACQ 1.3 guide on pages 279-280 discusses the work to include in the WBS. In the WBS, how is the work to be done by the buyer distinguished from the work to be done by the IT services contractor? (One paragraph)