concept, theory, or insight about globalization

In your response paper, identify an important concept, theory, or insight about globalization that you learned in Steger Chap. 1 and discuss it in relation to the assigned readings by Brownell “Beijing Olympics” and Taylor “North Korean Mass Games.” (maximum 400 words; approximately three paragraphs)

Your response paper prepares you for Wed. Recitation Section, where you will have a chance to talk about your ideas with your classmates.

*The response paper is worth 10 pts. and will be graded based on the following rubric:
1.Response shows good understanding of at least one concept, theory, or insight from Steger Chap. 1 (3 pts.)
2.The concept, theory, or insight is applied appropriately to both assigned readings on East Asia (3 pts.)
3.Discussion is accurate and supported with relevant examples (4 pts.)