Consider the role of Congressional oversight and codes of ethics.

Because of the nature of covert action the potential for terrible abuse of individual power, aggrandizement, inappropriate or improper blame, as well as hiding failures and whitewashing errors is always present. In addition questions of assassination, slander, rumor mongering, etc., are all problems. To paraphrase Allen Dulles as he reflected on the failure of early CIA covert actions, “some people must die.” He was referring to deaths through mistakes and errors, but he could have also included civilians and others who are bystanders to a secret war.

Please address the question: What can be done about maintaining a sense of what is right and wrong in the conduct of secret operations? Consider the role of Congressional oversight and codes of ethics. Please identify a list of 10 guidelines that you would recommend should be the core principles to maintain organizational and personal ethics in covert action.Use examples, demonstrate you have read the materials, and apply critical thinking skills to earn maximum points on this board. Show your sources as well…it assists in the rigor of your thinking.