Coursework Writing-Evaluating Primary Research Articles

Coursework Writing-Evaluating Primary Research Articles

Evaluating Primary Research Articles

For basic theoretical research, a research problem is identified through a close examination of the literature in the discipline. Examining the existing literature can reveal gaps where the knowledge is lacking. After determining where the knowledge is lacking, health professionals are then better situated to answer the following question: What issue or problem still needs to be addressed as evidenced by the gap in the literature?

Understanding how to evaluate a research study such as those published in the peer- reviewed literature is crucial for health educators and public health practitioners. Evaluation of a study requires examining the major components of the study for clarity, validity, and scientific rigor.

The following questions are essential for an effective analysis of a study: Was the problem under study clearly stated? What are the primary and secondary research questions? Was the appropriate methodology chosen given the research questions? How were data collected and analyzed? How were findings reported and interpreted?

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