Coursework Writing- Research Methodology

Coursework Writing- Research Methodology

Research Methodology

For this assignment, you will complete a research methodology that is the part of the research report in which you thoroughly and specifically discuss the methods that you will use to evaluate your research questions and/or hypotheses.

It is in the methodology that the researcher is able to present his or her study design so it is clear to the reader how the data will be collected to allow the researcher to explore his or her topic as discussed in the previous sections of the research report.

To prepare your research methodology, complete the following tasks:

1. Begin your research methodology with a very brief discussion of your research focus and a list of your related questions and/or hypothesis.

2. Discuss the main variables that will be explored in your study. Be sure to specify how those variables will be measured.

a. For example, if you were interested in studying the relationship between sex and illegal drug use, you would need to make sure to specify what information you want to collect for each variable. For sex, you could choose to measure it as having the attributes of a male or female. For illegal drug use, you could choose to measure it by looking at the number of times someone was arrested for possession of illegal drugs. You could further distinguish that by only looking at the amount of drugs that someone was arrested with and determining based on the weight, whether it was considered possession for personal consumption or distribution. This is just a brief example of how the variables could be measured. There are a variety of other ways in which these two variables could be measured. Thus, you can see why it is important to not only identify the variables but to also specify how the variables will be measured.

3. Present your research methodology. You need to ensure that the specific steps you will follow to explore your research questions and/or hypotheses are clear to the reader. Avoid the use of general statements and direct quotes from the textbook about what should be included in the research methodology. Your task is to discuss in your own words what you would specifically do to study your research topic. What steps would you engage in to ensure that your proposed study properly explores the research questions and/or hypotheses that you developed? In your methodology, you need to discuss the following concepts:

a. Research design

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