criminal justice  essay

Bibliography: You must research at least  15 scholarly research articles related to the essay topic that you chose for your criminal justice  essay.  Bibliographies are a summary of the overall articles in paragraph length; approx 75 to 100 words per article.  


***Suggested before you begin writing your essay: You will start with an overall broad topic for your APA essay, this topic is related to criminal justice  and is a general topic.   You will use your broad topic to guide you in your search for scholarly journals and books as sources/references for your annotated bibliographies/references.  You should research at least 15 scholarly research articles related to the course and topic in order to read the material and create your bibliography/references (that you will include in your reference page of the essay).Once you read these articles you should then take this topic and narrow it to a specific topic phrase/sentence; i.e. Police Officers and Suicide.   When you read them you will learn more about the topic and therefore will then realize the topic and subject of your APA essay.   Next, you will create a thesis statement that will narrow your topic even further and provide at least 3 specific variables/components that you will write about in your essay  Now, the sources/references that you use for your bibliographies are the same sources and information that you will actually use in writing your essay to cite your references.  Your reference page at the end of your essay will include the sources/references that you used in the essay which should have come from your annotated bibliographies/references.  *see examples of annotated bibliographies link in APA instructions


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