critical thinking

While many of us don’t like conflict and see it as negative, this TEDTalk discusses how disagreement is central to progress.

Watch TEDTalks: Margaret Heffernan – Dare to Disagree” located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.(12 min. 53 sec.)

Consider the following while you watch the video: 100 Words

  • How can you incorporate or how have you incorporated these concepts into your own decision making?
  • Which of the ideas is most helpful for you in your own critical thinking and why?


  • (Chapter 3) This chapter talks about how emotions, wants, and feelings affect our decisions. Should all emotions and feelings be removed from decision making? Why or why not? (Paul & Elder, 2012). 100 wordds


Throughout this first week, your text asks you to “think about your thinking.” Do you consider yourself a critical thinker today? Why or why not? 100 words


Discussion 4

Class, what’s your opinion about Facebook information? 100 words


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