Write a 5 page critique of the use of multiple regression analysis in one of three papers listed….

Marketing: Phau, I., & Teah, M. (2009). Devil wears (counterfeit) Prada: A study of antecedents and outcomes of attitudes towards counterfeits of luxury brands. The Journal of Consumer Marketing, 26(1), 15-27.

Finance: Evans. A.L. (2008). Portfolio manager ownership and mutual fund performance. Financial Management, 37(3), 513-535.

Information Systems: Banker, Rajiv; Hu, Nan; Pavlou, Paul A.; and Luftman, Jerry. 2011. “CIO Reporting Structure, Strategic Positioning, and Firm Performance,” MIS Quarterly, (35: 2) pp.487-504. Guzman, I. R., & Stanton, J. M. (2009). IT Occupational Culture: The Cultural Fit and Commitment of New Information Technologists. Information Technology & People, 22(2), 157-187.

In this case, your critique should address at least the following issues, as well as any other points that you find relevant and worthy of comment: A brief summary of the paper: its purposes, methods, and reported findings The use of regression in the data analysis, and its relation (if any) to other kinds of analytical and/or statistical methods The nature of the data used, and the degree to which the data met the requirements for regression as described by Garson (n.d.) and Porter et al (1981). The appropriateness of the interpretations of coefficients developed in the analysis The overall applicability of the Porter et al. (1981)’s critique to this study – does their approach call it into question, or does it manage to evade their critique? How, in either case? Your overall assessment of the utility of regression as an analytical strategy in the kind of research you are contemplating for your dissertation and beyond, and your ideas for overcoming the problems raised for this strategy by Porter et al.