Cultural Considerations Presentation

Your Learning Team has been chosen to develop a training model for a local company that provides mental health services. Consider the topics and models covered on sensation, and perception. I want to see how these concepts help these mental health employees do their jobs. Create a 2-4 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation: 1-2 slides for sensation and 1-2 slides for perception that provides this organization with scenarios that would help them to identify when cultural aspects should be considered. Each slide should list the model or theory addressed and a scenario to help the organization grasp the key concepts. One of the key elements in this assignment is to highlight cultural distinctions that help in the training model. As this is a PPT – your notes on each slide will be evaluated as to how they support the slide and the points noted in them. Please include speakers notes and in-text citations on the slides for all references. Please use the attached rubric to clarify this assignment.